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There are a TON of wrestling sites out there, some good, some not so good.   Here are a few of my favorites.   Most discuss old-school wrestling (1970's-1990's) but there are a few exceptions.   Let me know if you have any favorites you'd like to share.

Wrestler This site offers retrospectives on the men and women who entertained us in and out of the squared circle. Ranging from announcers to referees to wrestlers, this site has it all.

Canadian Bulldog's World-  "Your scrapbook for wrestling merchandise and memories" the mysterious Bulldog really knows his stuff about old school wrestling and his writers (myself included) write some great stuff about the current product as well. 
Kayfabe Memories-a great site with write-ups on all of the major territories from yesteryear.   They also have a great message board with some really knowledgeable fans.

Mid-Atlantic Gateway-</a>Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (Jim Crockett Promotions) was the first promotion I ever saw and what a promotion it was.   The guys at the Gateway love the Mid-Atlantic promotion and it shows with a comprehensive website full of everything from match results to newspaper clippings to interviews with the wrestlers themselves.

History of Wrestling: U.K.: A great source for news, wrestling history, and humor. James Dixon (author of the Titan series i.e. Titan Sinking) is just one of several excellent writers here.

Kayfabe News
- Unreal news about an unreal sport. This site is like the Onion of wrestling

History of the WWE: Graham Cawthon's tireless efforts to chronicle the results of wrestling card are a priceless research for fans and historians alike. Want to know who won a match where and when? Chances are you'll find it at Graham's site.

Maple Leaf Wrestling
Growing up on the American/Canadian border, I had access to Toronto's legendary Maple Leaf Wrestling territory.  This site looks back at the promotion which hosted many historic match-ups and featured many of wrestling's biggest stars from around the world. 

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YouTube Channels

YouTube has some excellent videos covering the squared circle. Here is one of my personal favorites.

Wrestlelamia: Features recaps of RAW and SmackDown Live, investigative reports on scandals such as the Mass Transit Incident and the Benoit murder/suicide as well as obscure facts.

SlatRock Wrestling: Another fun site with "best of" lists and the latest rumors in wrestling.