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Every fan of professional wrestling remembers the moment that captured their heart forever and hooked them for life. Whether it was Ric Flair regaining the NWA Championship from Harley Race at Starcade, the Freebirds turning heel on Kerry Von Erich, Mick Foley flying off the cage at King of the Ring, , Samoa Joe's epic trilogy with CM Punk in Ring of Honor, or the premiere of WCW's Nitro: these are the matches and moments that thrilled, terrified, or outraged overwhelming you with real emotion.

Mike Rickard's Wrestling's Greatest Moments brings you all the most memorable and controversial moments from modern wrestling history. It's an insightful and essential compendium of thirty years' worth of groundbreaking matches, angles and interviews. From Hulkamania to the Montreal "screwjob," from the NWA to the nWo, you'll rediscover what really occurred in arenas and on the air worldwide, and learn all the backstage and behind-the-scenes secrets that made these highlight-reel moments possible from the men and women who were there.

Whether you watched Stone Cold Steve Austin point a gun at WWE honcho Vince McMahon's head, or stood outside the building as D-Generation X "invaded" WCW; whether you look back with nostalgia to "The King" slapping Andy Kaufman silly on Letterman or believe wrestling was better when Bruno sold out Shea; whether you were one of the Philadelphia "bingo hall" faithful who made ECW "extreme" or a casual observer of the Monday Night Wars; whether you're reliving these moments or discovering them for the first time, Wrestling's Greatest Moments will enthrall you with the exploits and extravagance, the tragedies and triumphs of the sport of kings.

About the Author:  Mike Rickard is a former attorney and retired bank robber who has been writing about the sport of kings since 2005.  His work has been seen on Pro Wrestling Illustrated's website, Pro Wrestling Torch, Gumgod, World Wrestling Insanity, and Canadian Bulldog's World.
        Recently I had the distinct pleasure of reading Canadian Bulldog's column on his first ever WWF Magazine.  While the oil painting of Hulk Hogan on the cover was haunting (I could just see Vince McMahon sitting around with his cronies figuring out how to sell velvet paintings of it to the fans), I was more intrigued by the fact that the Bulldog never read the good captain's book The Wit and Wisdom of Captain Lou Albano.
        While I can't say that I remember the book well, I do remember it fondly as it was one of the first wrestling books I ever read (The first was Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George?).  The Wit and Wisdom of Captain Lou Albano was an interesting read.  While it was written in a Kayfabe style (at least that's what I remember), it was entertaining and covered the good captain's career from his days as a wrestler to his time as the self-proclaimed manager of champions.  The book had a lot of cool pictures and was a trade paperback; not quite a paperback and not quite a hardcover.  It was a nice product, unlike some of the schlock that the WWF put out back then.
        For those of you unfamiliar with Captain Lou, here's something I wrote back in 2009 when Captain Lou passed away.

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